Manned Submersibles

About Manned Submersibles

Manned submersibles, also known as human-occupied vehicles (HOVs) allow marine scientists to conduct biological, chemical, geochemical, geological and geophysical studies, viewing and sampling organisms in their natural settings. These vehicles are compact and depend on research vessels for maintenance and preparation for dives, as well as for transport of the submersible, associated equipment, operators and scientist who conduct the research to the site to be investigated.  HOVs have contributed to some of the major research breakthroughs of the past 50 years, such as the discovery of widespread life at hydrothermal vents and methane seeps, and have allowed marine biologists to study life and collect intact organisms for many deep sea environments. HOVs are capable of reaching most ocean regions, and have helped advance scientific understanding of the organisms of the ocean through direct observations made by scientists.   Although there is impressive growth in the capabilities of unoccupied vehicles (both remotely operated and autonomous), scientific demand for manned submersibles is expected to remain high.

What We Do

BOIE SYSTEMS offers you assistance with the design and construction of manned submersibles. This expertise will ensure that your products meet all the relevant standards and the latest technical requirements for safe and reliable operations. BOIE SYSTEMS technical support services will ensure your vehicle complies with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The build out of submersibles is a long, arduous process that involves rigorous discussions of design, evaluation and exhaustive testing. With thousands of components that need to be put into place, the need for care and expertise is essential. But with the end product, along with the human occupants operating in the most extreme and hostile environments on Earth, the margin for error is zero.

With the broad knowledge we have gained from our experience in this field we are your preffered partner.